Software Products: TROTTM

The Problem

When renewing switches and crossings we can choose between different construction methods and plant and deliver the job in a single railway closure or multiple shorter closures.

But what is the best option to take forward? Which option delivers the best value and has the right balance of construction cost versus passenger and freight disruption? How do we get a reliable cost estimate early on?

Working out what the different construction options mean in terms of resources, cost, and engineering closures takes too long and just isn’t done.  “Finger in the air” options are often produced and later we find that jobs were not deliverable as initially thought leading to late changes to plan and knock on increases in cost and risk.

The solution

TROTTM automates the development of construction options for installing new Switches and Crossings through a simple to use interface and outputs what the rail industry as a whole needs to agree on the best construction option to take forwards:

  • Resources and Construction Cost
  • The number and duration of engineering closures required

TROTTM has been designed by Switch and Crossing Development Engineers working hand in hand with our Software Developers for Switch and Crossing Development Engineers.


  1. Less cost and customer disruption: By helping find the best delivery option TROTTM reduces disruption to passengers and freight and saves on construction costs
  2. Saves production time. Delivery options can be developed in an hour or two rather than days or weeks
  3. Standardises a best practice approach to planning
  4. Early view of resource requirements so that critical resources can be booked in advance
  5. By enabling better planning TROTTM avoids late change and associated increase in cost and risk


TROTTM outputs the complete cost and duration of jobs including contractor costs (prep, core and follow-up), haulage, signalling design, materials, possession management, tamper and signalling and telecoms testing costs.

How to Use TROTTM?

TROTTM is simple to use and involves the following:

  1. Site visit or visualisation with S&C development engineer to identify feasible construction options, phasing and expected productivity rates for the different options
  2. Recreatesite layout in TROT and enter site visit findings
  3. Out pops the cost, resource and closure requirements for each construction option
  4. Review outputs with stakeholders and agree preferred option