When should a driver drive “flat out” and when should they coast, in order to meet the timetable yet save fuel? Our DASsimTM software helps drivers and management improve on-time running and save energy. The system is scalable and uses existing GPS feeds without the need for in-cab power, helping to significantly reduce costs compared to competing products (thus installation can be justified across an entire fleet). DASsimTM helps save up to 15% energy and improves performance and on-time running by up to 12%.


When renewing switches and crossings we can choose between different construction methods and plant and deliver the job in a single railway closure or multiple shorter closures. Which option delivers the best value and has the right balance of construction cost versus passenger and freight disruption? How do we get a reliable cost estimate early on? TROTTM automates the development of construction options for installing new Switches and Crossings and outputs resources, construction cost and duration of engineering closures. This information helps the rail industry determine the best option to take forward.


Closing the railway for renewals or new programme construction is highly disruptive and expensive, with a large amount of work needing to be delivered in a finite amount of time. Part of the challenge is getting all players in the rail industry to agree to robust delivery plans. Our RDSTTM software automates the development of business cases for different access options, through a simple to use interface and outputs number of closures required and whole industry cost. This can be used as part of the IAP process to confirm and agree on the most optimised engineering access plans.

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