Software Products: DRIVETM

How can we improve right time running and save energy and fuel across fleets with AND without a DAS/TAS fitted? Maximising right time running and energy savings requires an all-round solution. You need:

  • The right foundation - a good timetable, fine-tuned to maximise right time running and energy savings, good advice for drivers; and
  • A very easy way of tracking how that advice is followed and helping drivers understand where they can do even better.

DRIVETM helps you develop an all-round solution. DRIVETM can be used stand-alone or added to a DAS/TAS system to maximise business benefits by helping drivers and driver managers understand how well driving advice is being followed. It is a very flexible, easy to use solution producing valuable information from any regular on train GPS, OTDR or TAS/DAS feed. DRIVETM is available to all your team via PC, tablet or smartphone – you only need an internet connection and reports are available within seconds of arriving at the terminus. You can use the information:

  • To help drivers self-improve by showing drivers where they might have been able to drive better, and how that would have improved right time running and energy.
  • To improve safety, for example through automatic reports to identify speeding
  • To optimise the timetable for energy and right time running
  • To track and improve performance and energy and provide periodic reports for senior management

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