Systems Optimisation Process (SOProTM)

At Cogitare we marry systems engineering and economics to advise both public and private sector clients on how to cut costs, reduce energy consumption and enhance performance and revenues. We use a complete system approach, which means looking at the bigger picture and working out what will benefit the system as a whole. Our SOProTM model links cost, performance and revenue modelling to enable a financial evaluation of the entire system. We used our SOProTM model working with London Underground to optimise rolling stock procurement, identifying £500 million worth of savings in lifetime energy cost.

Decision Support Analytics: Arriva

As part of the Franchise Bid for Northern Rail, Arriva was required to demonstrate how they would improve passenger benefits during engineering closures. We worked with Arriva to develop a case study which would demonstrate the methodology Arriva would employ to improve customer benefits, using Schedule 4, PDFH and WebTAG analysis. Using Cogitare analysis, Arriva was able to demonstrate to the DfT that by reinstating certain rail services (compared to the incumbent operator) they were able to significantly reduce customer disruption and improve ticket revenue. Arriva was successful in winning the franchise bid.

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