Software Products: DASsimTM

DASsimTM helps improve timetabling and supports drivers and management to track and improve performance and energy at low cost.

It’s a very flexible solution producing valuable information from any regular on train GPS feed. You can use the information:

  • To optimise the timetable for energy and on-time running
  • To track and improve performance and energy and provide periodic reports for senior management
  • To improve and monitor driver competency
  • Alongside a TAS/DAS system to maximise the business benefits.

DASsimTM is available to all your team via PC, tablet or smartphone – you only need an internet connection.

DASsimTM brings you many of the benefits delivered by energy meters, DAS/TAS and driver competency systems, up to 15% energy and 10% on-time improvement, but without the cost. Want to know more? Please contact Larry Fawkner